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Using the Auxdata Helpdesk Network

  1. Overview:
    The AUXDATA Help Desk network is designed to provide assistance by AUXDATA system experts who are dedicated and committed to helping AUXDATA users input, monitor, and extract Auxiliary information using AUXDATA.

  2. First, Try Other Tools on the AUXDATA Web Site:
    There are links to several informative and easy-to-use tutorials, notes, reports, and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) right on this site. They have been developed by Coast Guard and Coast Guard Auxiliary AUXDATA experts with an eye toward addressing the most common needs and problems encountered by AUXDATA users. They should be the first reference for any user who experiences difficulties with AUXDATA.

    And don't forget to try AUXINFO first for most of your information and report needs. It can be quickly accessed via its link on the AUXDATA web site.

  3. If Unable to Resolve, Use the Regional Information Services (IS) Chain:
    AUXDATA users who continue to experience difficulties should then attempt to resolve such through their own regional (IS) program chain:
  4. If Still Unable to Resolve, Then Contact the Area AUXDATA Help Desk Point-of-Contact (POC):
    If still unable to resolve an issue after following the regional chain, then an AUXDATA user should contact the AUXDATA Help Desk POC for their Auxiliary Area. These individuals can be contacted through the following links:
    Position Contact Name E-Mail Address
    Atlantic Area East Ed Duda ed_duda@icloud.com
    Atlantic Area West Carolyn Belmore Carolyn.V.Belmore@uscg.mil
    Pacific Area Marilyn McBain norcole@outlook.com

  5. Finally, If No Resolution, Then Contact the AUXDATA Help Desk Coordinator:
    Position Contact Name E-Mail Address
    AUXDATA Help Desk Coordinator Captain Bob Platt (USCG, ret.) rplatt5@cox.net
    Alternate AUXDATA Help Desk Coordinator Ms. Marilyn McBain norcole@outlook.com

  6. Do Not Contact the Coast Guard Operations Systems Center (OSC) Martinsburg for AUXDATA assistance. The AUXDATA Help Desk network will help you resolve any AUXDATA issue.
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